-All Firearm sales must be called into our office at (214)773-0129

-If you shop our webstore, credit card purchases may show charge from John Doe Investigations 

   We do not take payment over the website for firearms, call for payment options at (214)773-0129.  Please note that ALL firearms come into the country as a PISTOL.

 Models Imported 

751P SAPR - Short Barrel , 85 imported, Barrel 14.3"

SG553RP, 11.9"

SG551P, 14.3"

553 in 5.56,  8.9", 11.9" or 13.6" 

553 in .300BLK, 12"

​511, .50BMG

SG550,  50 imported, 20.7"

751P SAPR CH Armee Edition, 14.5", 10 imported

​751P SAPR Long Barrel, 17.8", 16", 20", the 16 & 20" have removable flash hider

SG553SB Heavy Metal      SG553LB Heavy Metal - 6 imported

SG553SB FDE                    SG553LB FDE

SG550 Blue Star Edition, 22 imported

          SG550 Red Edition,  20 to imported

SG552, 52 imported (25) SB & (28) LB

PE90         SG553 Alpine, 15 imported

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It is the buyers responsibility to make sure all items purchased meet federal/state/local laws