-All Firearm sales must be called into our office at (214)773-0129

-If you shop our webstore, credit card purchases may show charge from John Doe Investigations 

 You can pay in full now for either the 553R-P or the SAPR 751 pistol and get your Serial Number to file ATF Form 1.  Deposits for each pistol is $500 with balance due upon shipping.  We do not take payment over the website, call for payment options at (214)773-0129.  Please note that all firearms come into the country as a PISTOL.

The expected delivery of the 553R pistol will be October 2017 due to a redesign of  magazine well and ejection port. 

 Import numbers and cost:

SG751P SAPR, 85 to be imported, $4050, Barrel 14.3", ATF Approved, limited availability

SG553RP, 100 to be imported, $2650, 11.9", ATF Approved, January delivery

SG551P, 51 Imported, 14.3", SOLD OUT

553 in 5.56, unlimited import, $3250-3450, 8.9", 10.7" or 13.6", ATF Approved, special order 90-180 days

553 in .300BLK, unlimited import, $3250, 12", ATF Approved, 1st Quarter 2018 delivery

​511, .50BMG, $18,500, 2 left in stock, less then 15 imported

SG550, $3400 TBD, 50 to be imported, 20.7", ATF Approved, 1st quarter 2018 delivery, SOLD OUT

SG551LB, 17.8", 51 to be imported, ATF Pending - SOLD OUT

​SG751LB, $4050, 50 to be imported, (5) 17.8" (20) 16" and (25) 20" ATF Pending, the 16 & 20" have removable flash hider

ATF has approved all 553 short and long barrel Conversion Kits in 5.56, 550 and 551 short barrel conversion kit

Photos on the Home page and Contact are posted with approval from

Check out our Facebook page (JDI Firearms, Inc) for list of incoming Sig Sauer P210s.  

It is the buyers responsibility to make sure all items purchased meet federal/state/local laws